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Roofing Colorado's Front Range Since 1982.

Douglas Roofing Company was started on the foundation of a simple idea back when much of Colorado's front range was still wide open country. Times have changed across the entire Denver Metro since 1982 but that foundation we began with has not changed: to do our very best, every time, to ensure your best interest is always at the forefront, to stand behind our word and to give you our all; every second, every minute, every day.

Douglas Roofing Company has been a beacon of stability within the property restoration sector in Colorado for over 35 years, and throughout this long period of time our name has remained the cornerstone of professionalism and integrity.  We are here to set the standard in commercial and industrial insurance restoration and we create value for our customers with this specialized knowledge to a level that is unmatched within the industry.


Priority Maintenance or Leak Repair Request?

If you have a priority maintenance or leak repair request look no further! Douglas Roofing Company is
ready to respond to all types of roof repair, leak repair, and roofing maintenance with specialty crews
to get the job done fast and done right.


Commercial & Industrial Roofing With Purpose: Your Success.

Our purpose is to create enormous value for our customers within the commercial/industrial insurance restoration & roofing sectors. While doing this, we are always operating in truth, fairness, and full integrity.

Here at Douglas Roofing Company, we are restoring more than buildings – we are the first step in rebuilding businesses and communities impacted by devastating losses. We are restoring pride in communities and restoring hope with focused achievement every day.

Our culture is built upon the foundation of creating value.  We create immense value — for our customers and their properties and our employees and their families — while positively impacting the communities and families around us.



Insurance Negotiation

We create value for your real estate portfolio by utilizing our exclusive knowledge built upon many years and constant innovation within this highly specialized field.


Property Restoration

Douglas Roofing is the trusted name in commercial and industrial restoration and our goal is simple: to bring enormous value to everyone we work with!



What we build best are relationships.

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 Our  Goal  Is

To strive to do our very best, every time, to ensure your best interest is always at the forefront, to stand behind our word and to give you our all – every second, every minute, every day.

To  Create  Value


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